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7 Week Momentum Plan

You don't have to do it alone

The Plan Includes

1 x 60 minute initial one-to-one Nutritional Assessment

Live/Dry Blood Analysis

Body Composition Metrics

Personalised recommendations

6 x 60 minute weekly GROUP* accountability and coaching sessions.

*If you wish to have 1-2-1 coaching only, you can choose this package which will include 2 x 60 minute follow-up calls instead of the group coaching.


Learning the Scripts
Doctor Diagnosis

Nutritional health assessment includes a review of your health history, signs and symptoms and past medical interventions.  

Live & Dry Blood Analysis

13 Key Body Composition Metrics: - Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Water Percentage, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-free Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, Basal Metabolism, Metabolic Age, Subcutaneous Fat, and Visceral Fat.

Tailored recommendations

6 Group momentum calls to help you not only get started but get momentum with your program. Small group sizes of 4-6 people to allow you the time to ask your questions.  

Email support during the 7 week program

The 6 Group Coaching Sessions include

Heart Lock and Crown

Work on you WHY

Everyone’s reason for achieving their goals are different.  Connecting to your WHY becomes your driving force. Identify you barriers to success.


Detoxification & Elimination

Detox your body and your surroundings.  Eliminate environmental toxins that you use on a daily basis.  Support your detoxification and elimination organs allowing your body to function optimally.

Golden Chakra

Stress, Anxiety and Pressure

Learn how meditation, breath-work and exercise can help you stay resilient.

Heart Lock and Crown

Metabolic Flexibility

Work on balancing blood sugars and using protein and fats as an energy source.  Learn how to deal with self sabotage.

Swimming Sun

Sync into Nature's Rhythms

Understand rituals versus habits.  Create eating and sleeping routines connected to your body clock.  Create self care routines.

Steering Wheel Grunge

Keeping Momentum

Moving forward learn how to stay focused and on track with your health goals

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