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5 Week Gut Restoration Program


5 weeks to transform your digestion, improve your energy, weight, skin and help you feel happier and healthier 

Online Guided Program

Starting on 2nd March 2020




What will I achieve?

Your gut health has a direct impact on your energy, your skin, your weight, your mind, your brain function and ultimately your whole wellbeing.


The Gut Restoration Programme is about giving you a kickstart to rebalance your digestive system.  The 5 week program is for individuals with mild symptoms or those who are focusing on building gut health as a prevention protocol.  You will:

  1. Strengthen your digestive system through through additional enzyme support AND by making simple modifications to your diet and how you eat.

  2. You will work on restoring your gut 'friendly' bacteria through diet and by removing unwanted 'guests' through plant based antimicrobials and probiotics.  

  3. You will support the 'healing' of your gut lining so that your long term uptake of nutrients is supported.

  4. You will learn and put into practice lifestyle changes that help improve the gut/brain connection and areas that help your digestive system remove waste products efficiently.  

Based on functional nutrition principles the programme will enable you to identify and safely remove the triggers and support healing for these important issues and ultimately your whole being.


This programme comes complete with supplements, meal plans including vegetarian and vegan options, personal guidance and support through a closed Facebook group and weekly webinars. This programme is a clear, practical process designed to improve and sustain long term gut wellbeing.


What are the costs and what do I get?

The cost of this special course is just £350.  This includes the following:

  1. 7 informative and instructive 1-hour webinars, live with time for questions to be answered.

  2. Four expert selected supplements to enhance your results (therapeutic doses) (worth over £170)

  3. ​Personalised guidance and peer support network, through a private Facebook Group

  4. Delicious meal plans including vegetarian and vegan options

  5. Gut friendly food list

  6. 5 week menu plan, designed to support the 5 week process

  7. Recipes

  8. Health Analysis Questionnaire

  9. Support and advice from Geeta Tailor

An easy to follow plan to help you keep on top of you your digestive and core health 

If your symptoms are more aggressive and chronic, we can personalise your plan through one-to-one consultation and the length of your program will be longer.  Please contact me to have a conversation and talk about the best way forward for you.  


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