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Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Nutrition & Wellbeing Coaching focuses on 3 key areas that bring the body back to wellness. 

No 1:  Diet and Nutrition

You’ve probably heard the saying “let food be thy medicine and let medicine by thy food”.   There are literally thousands of dietary models, some based on cultural and religious beliefs, others based on traditional Eastern science such as Ayurveda and others based on Western trends. Understanding what to eat to be healthy can be a minefield.   Everyone is different and when you embrace your difference it will allow you to choose the right foods for you.  There is no one diet which holds the magic bullet to ultimate health.  What is important is adapting what you eat to meet your physical and mental needs and this can vary from season to season.  So whilst working with me we work on your personalised nutrition and work on balancing your circadian rhythm.


Personalised Dietary Recommendation

Based on your Lifestage, lifestyle and body/personality type.  You will learn how to tune into your body and understand how the food you eat is either enhancing you or depleting you. 


Balancing circadian rhythms

You will learn about the best times to eat and how to keep your digestive system in shape in-between meals


Food Intolerance Testing (at an additional cost)

Where you have persistent bloating and/or digestive discomfort I may suggest you take a food intolerance test to identify un-common foods that may be affecting your symptoms.  Costs will be given at the time.



No 2: Treating Mind and Body

Our mind has a powerful force of healing. 

Addressing stress, anxiety and depression which are known to be significant factors in the onset and progression of a wide spectrum of illnesses you will learn how to use the power of the mind to influence your body’s physical response by improving on emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.



Step by step you will learn to introduce daily rituals that support your health and wellbeing.  Rituals are small acts and behaviours that you consciously practice, that help you towards


Healing breaths

“Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I love this quote because it truly defines how our breath determines our mental state.   Breath-work is an integral part of the health program.



This by far is one things that can change the course of your life.  Eventually bringing stillness in your body and mind, it is like having a retreat every day.  The mind is immensely powerful and can either derail you or keep you on the right track.  But like a child the mind needs nurturing, direction and guidance.  You never try to stop a mind from racing, but just allow it to be, and at some point it will lose its steam and return to calmness. 


Tap into your inner wisdom

I truly believe our body speaks to us and lets us know when things are out of balance.  We often miss these messages because of a dis-connection or through beliefs about the fragility of the human body.  Think about statements you hear or may have made yourself like when you have aches and pains “I’m getting old”, or “it’s old age”.  The body does age, but how individual’s age is not just genetics as we now know that epigenetic, resilience to stress and our microbiome play a much bigger role - all of which we can control.  What you will learn is how to tune in to your body and listen to these messages so you can respond by owning your actions. 


Transformational Coaching

You will discover what is truly holding you back from experiencing your ultimate health goals as you have a chance to uncover your unconscious life decisions, limiting beliefs and the values that have been driving your actions and ultimately your life.  


Sleep hygiene

Learn the importance of sleep and getting sufficient REM cycles for restorative sleep. 



No 3:  Cleansing and Immune Strengthening

Cleansing and immune support processes guide through an art of appropriate living that help you achieve healing and longevity. It also enhances the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  You will be taken through a step by step approach targeting and optimizing the main organs of detoxification and elimination.


Whole Body Detoxification

Optimise the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon and skin health through strategic cleansing program using nutrition, breath work and meditation.



Once detoxification is complete we look at rebuilding and supporting the cells and providing the building blocks to build strong healthy cells. 


Homeobotanical Remedies/Tissue Salts /Nutrient Supplements / Essential Oils

(Supplied at additional costs)

Targeted protocols help you achieve your wellbeing goals faster than buying the “latest magic pill” supplement.  I am a believer that when we provide the body with the right nutrition, strategies to manage life stresses and targeted supplements/remedies your body is able to assimilate.   We will use Homeobotanical Remedies which are concentrated blend of herbal extracts and tinctures, essential nutrients, detoxifiers and antimicrobials as required. 



Screening and Monitoring (at an additional cost)

I use questionnaires that help me understand what your triggers, drivers and antecedents are, helping me to target your therapy.


I will also recommend additional screening through functional testing, either blood, urine, saliva or stool analysis, where appropriate.  This can reveal biomarkers that are unseen and help to really give precision to your treatment program.  Functional testing is different from the tests that are conducted through your GP.  They allow us to understand how different systems are working.  They do not diagnose a disease but look at biomarkers that may be causing a system to not function optimally, for example nutrient deficiencies, microbiome status, pathogens and environmental toxicity.

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