Prices & Packages

To ensure you have the right support and momentum to move you towards your health goal, I work on a minimum of a 7 week package.  This allows us to track your progress, to modify and adjust your plan as we move along so we can work towards achieving your health goal.  Certain chronic conditions may require longer than 3 months support and also require you to have additional functional testing which will carry an additional cost.  I try to keep additional costs to a minimum and will refer you to get some testing done through your GP, however there are some tests which are not available through the NHS and need to be carried out through a private laboratory.

7 Week Momentum Plan

1 x 60 minute Initial Assessment with Nutritional Assessment + Live Blood Analysis + Body Composition Metrics

Personalised health plan

6 x 60 minute weekly GROUP* accountability and coaching sessions.

*If you wish to have 1-2-1 coaching only, you can choose this package which will include 3 x 60 minute coaching and follow-up calls instead of the group coaching.

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12 Week Package One to One All About You

1 x 90 minute Initial Assessment with  Nutritional Assessment + Live Blood Analysis includes personalised health plan)
1 x Food Detective Food Intolerance Test 
1 x 60 minute follow-up session Nutritional and Live Blood Analysis with review of plan
5 x 45 minute follow-up Skype coaching sessions

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Frequently asked questions

What does a consultation include?

Both the 3 month and 6 month packages include an in-depth consultation which involves a thorough discussion of your health history, examining previous test reports and an analysis of your food diary. Follow up appointments which are outlined for each package check for progress and we discuss changes and improvements of your symptoms. When I am creating your plan I am aiming to help you rebalance core systems of your body and core functions and as such each follow-up sessions focuses on re-establishing a specific organ/function as improvements arise. This is how you are able to make adjustments to support your body for long term wellness.

What are functional tests and are they included?

Functional tests help in evaluating the function of organs and systems rather than looking for a specific disease. Functional tests may examine blood, hair, stool, urine, or saliva and give specific information on how well the different areas are operating and what is causing an imbalance. Functional tests are not included in the cost of the appointment. I would recommend functional testing where a chronic condition requires further investigation.

Are supplements included in the cost?

Supplements are not included in the cost of an appointment as recommendations are given depending on individual requirements.

Do you offer support after appointments?

If you have booked any of the packages, this will include the follow-up calls by Zoom or Skype where you are able to have your questions answered during the call or sent by email during the duration of your package. If you have booked a single appointment and you have questions relating to your personalised plan after you have received it, I request that you email them to get clarification. If you require further and ongoing assistance after clarifications are given, you will need to book for a follow up appointment or call. Messages sent by text, whatsapp or messenger will not be answered to ensure data protection.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching is a wonderful tool designed to help you manage unconscious behaviours. For example, if you are unable to give up a food addiction, coaching can help you understand your behaviour from a psycho-emotional perspective and empower you to overcome your limitations that are holding you back. Coaching is also a great accountability tool which can help you stay on track.